Welcome to Stijl Cycles.

I am a designer and fabricator of custom bicycle frames and components.

I seek artistry in the synthesis of cutting edge functionality and hand crafted detail.  In tandem with traditional cycle craft, I utilize computer controlled fabrication equipment and parametric modeling software to create purpose driven tubes, brackets, and dropouts.  Through this approach, my bikes take on a unique aesthetic that embraces both traditional and modern design and fabrication techniques.

Stijl Cycles is the invention of Tektonics Design Group, a specialty design and fabrication firm located in Richmond, Virginia, industrial designers, machinists, and fabricators who, as fate would have it, also have a passion for cycling.  From what originally began as weekend experimentation with cycle fabrication and product development, I now build frames for a wide range of cyclists including race teams, mountain and road bike enthusiasts, professional trials riders, and Cirque de Soleil performers.